Hi, I'm Malena!​

I help entrepreneurs & creatives launch their business with a beautifully branded and intentional website.

As a business owner myself, I understand how significant your initial steps are...and a website is part of that! I'm here to turn your brand vision into a fully functioning platform, and increase your online presence & awareness.

How It Works:

We'll have an initial phone or zoom call so I can learn about your business, get insight into how people want to feel when arriving on your site, get idea of some design elements you like.


Next, I send you your website proposal, a brand board, and website templates. If you're happy with everything you see, the design part begins!


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The Beauty Lab Aesthetics

An intentional & integral med-spa.



A boutique salon specializing in permanent eyebrow beauty.

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Food Justice

A  non-profit organization of Geneva, NY.


Bret Lockett

Business advisor, performance coach, international speaker.

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Steven Myrthil Beauty

A wholesale skincare and makeup company.